ENVIROGROW’s Premium Topsoil & Compost

ENVIROGROW’s Premium Mulch

ENVIROGROW’s Premium Aggregate

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Screened Topsoil:

Ideal for replacing topsoil in large open areas where it was previously removed; creating berms; re-contouring and re-grading land, and as a base for sod (grass).

50/50 Planting Mix:

Ideal for creating new planting beds in commercial landscape construction projects, and for planting trees and shrubs. It can also be used as a base for new sod (grass).

Triple Mix:

Ideal for creating new gardens; reviving and replenishing existing garden areas; planting trees/shrubs; planting flowers and garden vegetables; growing new lawns from sod/seed.

Premium Soil Mix:

Ideal for topdressing lawn areas, creating new gardens, and reviving existing planting beds. This blend is an excellent conditioner that improves your soil’s nutrient exchange capacity, organic matter level, moisture availability, aeration, and structure.

Classic Compost:

An excellent soil conditioner. Classic Compost is used for topping-up and blending into gardens. It is used in our various soil blends to further enhance their properties.

Screened Black Compost:

Screened black compost is processed through a 12mm screen. Clean, uniformly-textured, and lightweight. Most large clumps, roots, rocks and foreign content have been removed.